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Clinic Fee Schedule
Intake Fee—Waived
Methadone Treatment

Liquid / Diskettes

Daily = $13.00, Weekly = $91.00, Monthly = $364.00

Buprenorphine Treatment
Buprenorphine 0.5-1mg $14.00 per day, when available.  2-8mg $14.00 per day. Guest Dosing patients on Buprenorphine must pay the $20.00 Guest Dose fee for Day 1 and resume normal daily Buprenorphine fee
according to dosage

Lab Fees / Dosing Fees
Extra Drug Screens $15.00 / In-House Drug Screens $15.00/
Oral Drug Screens $15.00
GCMS $25.00 / Peak and Trough $50.00
Pregnancy Test $5.00 / Alcohol Test $5.00
Locks, Lock Bags, and Lock Boxes $ Prices Vary

Copies of Medical Records Over 5 Pages will be $ .25 Per Page
Guest Dosing (Guest dosing fees are only for patient’s guest dosing at our clinic)

1st day $ 20.00 (includes administrative fee for registration).
Subsequent days $ 13.00 per day

Buprenorphine $fee according to dosage
Patient Handbook
Download our patient handbook for a complete outline of policies and practices CLICK HERE


Addiction Does Not Discriminate!

"Addiction is an equal-opportunity destroyer.It does not care if the patient is black or white, old or young, rich or poor. We help put their lives back together.”

J. Paul Connell, Private Clinic North