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Methadone Maintenance

Although methadone itself was synthesized during World War II to replace morphine in treating wounded soldiers, using methadone to help opiate addicts withdraw from heroin was not explored until the late 1940s.  In the year 1964, the medical team of Doctors Nyswander, Kreek, and Dole proposed its use as a safe, reliable replacement for the chronic use of highly addictive opioids.  By using methadone as a safe alternative to the high-risk behavior associated with opioid abuse, it was found that not only did methadone alleviate the craving for opioids in patients, it blocked the effects of opioids and allowed the person receiving treatment to abandon risky and unhealthy behavior usually associated with a drug-addicted lifestyle.

Once a person makes a commitment to seek help through methadone treatment and to abandon a drug-seeking lifestyle, the results can be dramatic.  Behaviors once abandoned because opioid drugs took over a person’s life, like personal grooming and eating a properly balanced diet, return.  Money used for drugs begins to stay in people’s purses and wallets.  Patients find that they can hold a job because their time and attention is no longer occupied with drug-seeking or using.  Bills can once again be paid on time.  Families become more stable, and the risk of becoming infected with or transmitting diseases like Hepatitis C or HIV through dirty needles or risky sexual practices is reduced practically to zero.


Methadone maintenance, when combined with proper medical care and professional counseling, can enormously benefit people who might have abandoned all hope of ever recovering from addiction.

It is our sincere desire that this message reaches all of those who have an opioid addiction problem.  Then make one of the best decisions you can ever make for yourself and for those who care about you.  Come see us and begin your life – again!    

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